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Individual software development for different applications

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We build high-end software for microcontrollers and microprocessors using our extensive experience in embedded hardware design and development together with our skills in RTOS, Linux, Internet protocols, networking, security and C/C++ programming languages.

Embedded Software Service

We design, create, and test software for embedded systems, ranging from bootloaders to graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to end-user software, as an embedded software development team. We offer firmware and device driver development, legacy software migration, board support package development for Linux, RTOS, Android, and other operating systems, as well as software development for single-board computers as part of our embedded software engineering services.
Having developed innumerable board support packages and drivers for Linux, Windows, and QNX, our team has extensive experience with embedded  software systems. Power optimisations, radios (CDMA, GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy), CapSense, FPGAs, and a variety of peripherals including USB, LCD, Touch, Camera, e-Ink, codecs, IMU, and more are among the areas in which we have expertise as eesy innovation.

Agile Software Development
Our procedures, which are inherently flexible and able to embrace change, enable us to develop responsive solutions. Our team of specialists follows agile concepts and works together to provide high-performance solutions. They are experienced at handling changes and make sure project budgets and timeframes are met. We encourage an open and flexible attitude, giving people and ideas the room to thrive together with flexible working conditions that lead to progress. This agile mentality enables us to continuously improve our services and deliver first results quickly.
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SOftware Design Architecture

Software functionality integration is growing at an accelerating rate, which is driving the software segment of product development to grow quickly. This is especially true when hardware is integrated with software to unlock new potentials in a variety of product areas. Software architecture and design play a pivotal role in creating scalable, dependable, and adaptable solutions that meet specific client needs through design, optimisation, and scalability. Our comprehensive software architecture services offer a wide range of design and analysis options for embedded software applications, such as consumer electronics, IoT systems, and industrial devices, working in harmony with a variety of hardware elements. Our services are closely aligned with both technical and business goals.

eesy innovation can provide:
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Firmware development
Our team is capable of identifying the best bare metal technologies for your use case, selecting an appropriate RTOS, and outlining the required firmware components. We can handle a variety of microcontrollers that are ARM-based. We work with a number of well-known silicon firms, including as Infineon Technologies, Texas Instruments, NXP Semiconductors, ST, and Nordic Semiconductor, to provide firmware development based on their microcontrollers. RTOS, ROS, and non-OS based firmware development are areas in which our team excels.
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RTOS development
We have extensive hands-on experience in developing firmware for applications that demand real-time response. The real-time operating systems (RTOS) we’ve worked with include FreeRTOS, Zephyr, or other RTOS-like operating systems . RTOS significantly speeds up the process of firmware development.
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Non-OS based embedded firmware
When an embedded device needs to run a set of tasks forever or until the power supply is removed, we develop embedded C applications without an OS. The non-OS based embedded firmware execution runs the tasks in an infinite loop.
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Cortex-M family
The Arm Cortex-M processor family is the most common platform we work with. Depending on the requirements, we use different versions of Cortex microcontrollers.
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Hardware abstraction level makes it possible to develop firmware that is reusable and hardware independent. HALs are essentially API’s for interacting with hardware. We use existing HALs provided by microcontroller manufactures and compilers, and we also create our own.
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Testing services
Testing involves intensive debugging and optimization efforts. We test every individual piece of firmware separately using as many scenarios as technically feasible. We use manual and automated product testing to deliver reliable high- performance products.
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Migration of legacy firmware to new platforms
Each MCU manufacturer has peripheral features and programming models that are unique to its own products. In case you need to migrate your firmware from one MCU vendor to another, we can support your efforts. We’ll re-layout the PCB if required and make the design portable.
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Board Support Package (BSP) Development
BSPs are software packages that contain hardware-specific OS modules and device drivers required for the proper work of a given embedded operating system on a given hardware. Our services include BSP development, setup, and migration. Within our BSP development services, we create low-level operating system code, device driver code, and other files with directives, compilation parameters, and hardware parameters for configuring the operating system. We also include related support services to the set of BSP libraries: networking, security, storage, graphics, and input/output. This will extend the possibilities of your embedded system’s custom hardware.
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Custom device driver development
We build custom drivers to bring up the board, customize drivers with new features, port drivers from one OS to another, and provide updates to support new specifications and hardware.

Testing and certification

Ensuring the dependability, functionality, and efficiency of embedded systems, embedded testing plays a crucial role in pinpointing potential concerns early in the development phase, resulting in a resilient and secure final product.

Our team implements a test-driven development (TDD), which is a software development process that relies on the repetition of a very short development cycle. First, the developer writes an (initially failing) automated test case that defines a desired improvement or new function to then produce the minimum amount of code to pass that test. Finally, the developer refactors the new code to acceptable standards. Our team uses DevOps tools for testing streamlines development cycles, which enhance collaboration and ensure consistent software quality through automated testing and continuous integration. Emphasizing AUTOMATION & RESPONSIVNESS through usage of different DevOps (development and operations combined with collaboration) brings us to effective process for getting products to market faster by continuously delivering code and ensuring quality.


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We provide all software tools and packages needed for further certification procedure of your IoT solution. Constantly being in contact with certification authorities, we assure successful certification procedure which we have proven with our market available certified IoT devices.

We provide consulting and support services to our customers. With our expertise and experience, we help them to automatize their development as well as adopt best practises in testing and certification procedures.

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