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Newly developed digital, analogue and mixed electronic systems.

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We help you to transfer your concept into tangible product.

embedded Hardware Services

We are professionals with extensive industry experience in developing customized hardware solutions that are cost-effective and scalable throughout the development stages. Our skilled team is dedicated to effectively meet the unique requirements of our clients, offering seamless end-to-end solutions for your projects — from concept to production. Within our suite of electronics engineering services, we excel in crafting solutions for both digital and analog electronics. Our expertise extends to constructing automation devices, developing multisensor IoT network systems, designing power management solutions, and implementing cutting-edge FPGA technology. This specialized proficiency allows us to effectively address the specific needs of our clients.
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HW Design

Our electronic product design services cater to a diverse array of industries and enterprises, encompassing retail, consumer electronics, industrial solutions, healthcare, education, telecommunications, transportation, agriculture, sports, and more. We collaborate with startups as well as established businesses across the globe.

Dive into the essential stages of our R&D process:

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  • Transform visionary ideas into well-define project plans.
  • Explore technological constraints and gather project requirements.
  • Develop the initial system architecture and create detailed block diagrams.
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  • Meticulously craft detailed schematics, leveraging years of experience.
  • Development the first PCB layout, verified for precision.
  • Incorporate industrial and mechanical designs seamlessly into the process.
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  • Bring concepts to life through quick prototyping.
  • Adapt to changes seamlessly during the prototyping phase.
  • Carefully consider optional/substitute components for PCBs, exploring alternatives for main parts.
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  • Execute precise measurements and performance tests.
  • Prepare for certifications and compliance, ensuring adherence to industry standards.
  • Conduct reliability testing using state-of-the-art tools and equipment.
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Manufacturing / Production

  • Finalize designs for a streamlined manufacturing process.
  • Optimize the Bill of Materials (BOM) costs for efficiency.
  • Prepare comprehensive documentation for mass production readiness.
Individual Services:  Tailored to Your Needs

Each development stage serves as a distinct service, offering you the flexibility to choose the precise support you require.

Whether you need expert guidance in concept development or assistance with the final stages of production, we’re here to transform your vision into a reality.

eesy innovation can offer:
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Main Expertise: Crafting Tomorrow’s Technology

Our core expertise includes:

Low-Power Microcontroller Solutions

Specializing in the fusion of low-power microcontrollers, diverse battery options, sensors, antennas, and wireless communication modules. We bring efficiency to life through technologies like Bluetooth, LoRa, and various sub-GHz protocols. Ideal for applications ranging from consumer electronics to industrial automation.

Sensor-Actuator Systems

Explore intelligent systems seamlessly connecting sensors and actuators. Our solutions, optimized for industrial applications, enhance efficiency and connectivity. Integrated with our cloud solution, these systems elevate operational excellence.

Battery-Less Devices

Lead the way in sustainable solutions using NFC and energy harvesting technologies. Perfect for healthcare, industrial monitoring, and scenarios where conventional batteries prove impractical.

Applications / use case

Hardware in the Loop Testing

HIL testing is a technique where real signals from a controller are connected to a test system that simulates reality, tricking the controller into thinking it is in the assembled product. Test and design iterations take place as though the real-world system is being used. EESY-INNOVATION has developed its own hardware testing solutions that comply with the latest testing standards. This solution can be easily adopted for any new product solution and further used as part of the continuous integration and testing process for newly developed hardware. This speeds up development procedures and reduces time-to-market by ensuring the delivery of high quality solutions. Developed concept can be used for certification purposes and accelerate the provision of certificates in alignment with certification authorities. HIL testing is important due to the fact the checking out concerned is managed in a simulated environment. The process can focus on hardware functionality at a component and system level, which verifies and validates that the overall hardware is working as designed.

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Battery-less solutions

We also support with the battery less devices as a new technology that works without conventional batteries or external power sources. This sustainable method removes the need for battery exchanges and is part of environmentally friendly solutions, providing the comfort and efficacy in many applications. We employ energy harvesting methods in collecting and transforming energy from. nearby NFC-enabled devices or readers, making it possible for low-power devices to function without conventional power sources. This technique promotes the performance and viability of devices by using the energy which they have in their surrounding. The harvested energy is then used to power sensors that have been integrated.

Power Electronics

Our engineers work with a wide range of systems aimed at converting and regulating electric power, voltage, and frequency. We provide PCB design for a power converter that transforms AC to DC, DC to AC, AC to AC, and DC to DC. In home or industrial environment, we have developed actuators with wireless communication possibilities to transfer information and measurements to final user.

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Miniature low-power sensing solutions with wireless connectivity (WSN) eesy-innovation

Miniature low-power sensing solutions

Our extensive journey has equipped us with a broad spectrum of skills, including the art of extreme hardware miniaturization. Every design is meticulously tailored to meet the specific demands of the end customer. With a deep knowledge of all modern technology platforms, our embedded product design team will help you choose a system on a chip, wireless module, or semiconductor device suitable for your project. Our engineers are certified hardware experts who keep up to speed with the latest advances in electronics design services.

Testing & Certification

Embedded testing is vital to ensure the reliability, functionality, and performance of embedded systems, identifying potential issues early in the development cycle and guaranteeing a robust and secure end product.

We offer comprehensive integrated testing solutions: from hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) test benches and proven software solutions for test automation to professional on-site support and comprehensive consulting services. Our team completely covers the testing process and supports companies in optimizing their entire testing environment.


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