We are a crucial partner in some of Europe‘s biggest research projects.

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We are a crucial partner in some of Europe‘s biggest research projects.

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Environmental Sensors for Air Quality

On this European project, eesy-innovation is working on new gas sensing technologies in alignment the European Green Deal. We are focusing on sensor integration, communication systems, and application demonstrators.

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Cyber Security Competence for Research
and Innovation

Eesy-innovation is taking part in the creation of a Cybersecurity Competence Network to build the European Secure, Resilient, and Trusted Ecosystem. The focus of our contribution is on eHealth systems, where we are addressing remote health care services.

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Intelligent Condition monitoring system

Development of a highly stable, intelligent, recordable, and wirelessly communicating condition monitoring system with automated early leakage detection. We developed data transmission systems and the implementation of a self-sufficient supply system.

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International Sports Innovation Network

We are part of an international network to connect STEM education with innovative sports use cases. eesy-innovation is developing throwing gadgets with embedded sensors for measuring throwing parameters and making them visible on devices.

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Technology for Edge applications

Application-oriented research on AI-based hardware solutions for data evaluation in the areas of autonomous driving, industrial automation, and health. eesy-innovation contributes in the implementation of ANN and SNN algorithms and glucose measuring.

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Compact modelling for health management
& supply chain

The project aims to develop novel compact models and ultra-compact digital twins. eesy-innovation is responsible for developing data fusion and statistical models based on new AI routines and algorithms and implements AI models for more efficient usage of microelectronic products.

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Self-supporting multimodal interaction

Development of a self-supporting, natural, and consistent human-machine interface for automated vehicles using multimodal input and output concepts. We contributed a human-centric controllable lighting solution to the vehicle cabin.


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Embedded software

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Hardware Design

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Cloud Solution

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Artificial Intelligence


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