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We can offer all-inclusive assistance for Your project managment, Never lose track of your ongoing projects again!

Project Mangagement service

Project management can be challenging when there are partners from different expertise backgrounds, especially when you need to focus on research and development activities and there is not much time in parallel to focus on administrative and financial reporting. Following grant provider rules and regulations might be challenging and we are there to help.

On one side, eesy-innovation has years of experience with providing Project Management services for IoT Projects and on the other side, we can help with similar activities for publicly funding projects from the EU or from National funding authorities. Often, the administrative and financial coordination of a collaborative project is not the main business of the principal investigator. We, therefore, advise bringing experienced people on board that keep track of deadlines, timely collect reports and coordinates the necessary actions. This guarantees you being capable of absolute attention to the (scientific) content material of your challenge.

continuous support
Project Management process for a big consortium of different partners might be challenging. At eesy-innovation we have been working for years on supporting of different project management activities to clients, but as well as participating as official partners of big consortium projects. eesy-innovation can fully or partially take over the project management for your project. We have experience for many years working on German-founded project as well as on different EU funded projects (Horizon, ITEA, KDT, KDT-JU and similar). Communication with Brussels or with German authorities at BMBF is our daily routine and we are happy to support on it.
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Our  Service
We understand that for SMEs, participation in public funding calls might be challenging, especially when it comes to reporting periods from technical reports up to accounting procedures and financial reporting. We can support on all activities needed and ensure that all reports are finalized on time and money is received as expected for all efforts invested. Our project managers have experience in the following activities as listed below.
coordination of IoT development projects
Project management for Funding projects
Day-to-day (financial) Project management
Market Analysis

A deep understanding of the market is crucial for making informed decisions. Our market analysis services provide valuable insights into market trends, competition, and opportunities, enabling you to position your innovations effectively

Exploitation Plan

Crafting an effective exploitation plan is the foundation of realizing the full potential of your project. Our experts work closely with you to develop a tailored exploitation plan that outlines clear objectives, strategies, and milestones to maximize the impact of your innovations.

Experience in reporting to national funding agencies in Germany, with a special focus on SMEs. We are aware that many SMEs do not have experience in this area and therefore can help these processes to run smoothly. Contact us for more information!

Project Website Development
Your project’s online presence is often the first point of contact for stakeholders, partners, and the public. Our experienced web development team creates engaging and informative project websites that showcase your objectives, progress, and results. From intuitive navigation to visually appealing design, we ensure your website effectively communicates your project’s story.


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